the BIG small home
using big ideas to stay small

Prototypes (click on an image to download a PDF)

Shelter vs Pavilion Home - 108m2/4persons = 27m2/person
This concept of this house revolves around the contrasting activities in our daily life and the stark differences in nature. It creates opposing spatial experiences, different moods and varied emotions depending where you are.

Nano Home 1.0 - 14m2/2persons = 7m2/person (2)
This home is the same size as a 20foot or 6m standard shipping container, but it can be articulated as a modern concrete cube or traditional forest cabin.

Nano Shelter to Home 2.1 & Home 2.2 - 8m2 - 30m2/2persons = 4-15m2/person (2)
A moveable shelter that developed into a shed home and from that came a cabin home. Designed to be completely on or off-grid and built to last for +30 years.

Design AAA 'Micro' - 24m2/2persons = 12m2/person (2 +1 Guest)

a 'Tiny' & 'Micro' design combine to create home - office cum studio, for a total of 80m2.

Design AA 'Tiny' - 55m2/2persons = 28m2/person (2 +2 Guests)

Design A - 140m2/3persons = 47m2/person (incl. home office)

Design BB - 94m2/3persons = 31m2/person (incl. two bedrooms & two bathrooms)

Design B - 113m2/3persons = 38m2/person (incl. home office)

Design C - 98m2/2persons = 48m2/person (incl. home office)

Design C - Options (Different dining room table layout for the Ground Floor and different bedroom(s), bathroom and office layout options for First Floor.)

Design C - Details  (explaining the content of the home - what goes where)

Design C - Form & Mass (Perspective sketches)

Design C+  140m2/min. 4 persons = 35m2/person (3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Home)

THE 51/9 BIGsmall Home (1944 Governments low cost house revisited: Sleeps 4 - 6 persons)

Design D - 124m2 (2Bedroom/1Bathroom) - Conservative simplicity inspired by the 51/9 house.

Design Large+  max 180m2 (2Bedroom/2Bathroom/Office & Double Garage)